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Welcome to Mack Dump Truck.  If you come here looking for anything about Mack dump trucks then you have come to the right place.  As you know Mack trucks are one of the most popular and best selling truck brand in the dump truck vehicle industry. Whether you are looking to buy of  a truck or just browsing around the Internet about trucks you’ll find this site useful.

The performance of this truck is top notch and it is renown for many decades as the Bulldog truck or the work horse as the construction truck, mining truck and dump transport truck in several industries and service sectors. So here on Mack dump trucks we have taken the time to organize information, details, tips and pictures that can help you with Mack dump trucks. You can find detailed descriptions and information about Mack trucks complete with the most amazing Mack truck pictures in the whole Internet. The Mack truck that is talked about most these days is the Mack granite series dump truck named Mack Granite Dump truck. The Mack granite series trucks are well sold today in North America and you can hardly miss the impressive looks of Macks on United States and Canada highways and expressways. We also have some related articles and interesting information about dump trucks you will only find here on the Internet. In addition very soon we hope to add a listing section about Mack dump trucks for sale so that used and old dump truck owners can advertise the Mack trucks for sale and people who are interesting to buy Mack trucks or buy dump trucks can view them and get in touch with the dump truck seller.

Just like a budding flower, Mack Dumb Truck website has been online for nearly 3 years now and is contributing to the dump truck owners, drivers and industry by providing data and information about dump trucks to the market and gaining popularity and building in content. (FYI, we tried to get www Mack Dump Truck Dot com domain but it’s already taken so had to settle for So if you would like more information on Mack Trucks, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks again for the visit and make sure to check back to receive additional information on Mack dump Trucks.

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Buying Used Mack Trucks As Your Used Dump Truck

You may want a truck for transporting dump and waste materials, a construction site, mining work or any number of other reasons. At this stage before you go right ahead and buy the dump truck brand you have in mind like a Mack dump truck or Kenworth dump truck, you will want to stop and think about what is best for you. Take some time to ponder the kind of truck, brand and model you are going to need for the work you have.

You have 3 options at this stage. You can buy a new dump truck or buy a used dump truck. Or else you can hire a dump truck and get the work done. If you are reading this you have decided on the second option. Now the issue you face is what used dump truck model and brand you are going to buy.

Now you may ask me why should I choose a truck brand and model at this stage, rather than inspect all used dump trucks in the market. The main reason for this is you have got a enormous selection of used dump truck brands to pick from when you’re buying a used dump truck. Caterpillar, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Chevrolet, Ford and GMC Topkick dump trucks are just to name a few truck brands let alone the enormous variety of models these brands have come out over the years. Narrowing done your search to a good truck model will reduce the time you spend to buy a truck a lot and also allow you to get the best truck to suit your specific needs and budget. Another reason to look for a specific truck brand I would say is over the years different truck manufacturers have acquired a reputation and become industry leaders in making trucks for specific needs.

Today in America, Canada and many other countries for the needs of waste and dump transport, the Mack Dump trucks have become the preferred choice of truck brand model. The reason being is that the Mack dump trucks are famous for there strength, durability and not to mention, style. Mack dump trucks adapt very well and are ready to stand the test of the highway, farmlands, city, and construction sites. You will see the Mack Granite trucks, Mack Titan trucks and other Mack models dominating this dump industry today.

Taking a look at the used Mack dump trucks for sale in classified trucks for sale websites or personally going and seeing a Mack truck close to where you are and talking with the truck owner and driver should convince you about going for a used Bulldog dump truck for your dumping needs.

A lot of times if you call your local Mack Dump Truck dealer, they usually know of someone wanting to sell a used one. Word of mouth is always the best way to find out anything.

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Kenworth Dump Trucks | Durable Kenworth T800 Bulk Haul Dump Trucks

If you take a dump truck you expect it to use if for long hauls, regional haul, pick up and delivery and bulk haul then a truck model that gives the Mack dump trucks like Mack Granite dump truck stiff competition is the Kenworth dump trucks. Built for all kinds of hauling and delivery including dump, mixer and heavy haul the Kenworth T800 truck champions the Kenworth line of trucks. So lets look at the Kenworth dump trucks for a change from our usual Mack dump truck news.

The Kenworth dump trucks built on models such as Kenworth T800, are very versatile dump trucks you find on the market today. From line haul tractors with the luxurious 86” Studio AeroCab sleeper to severe service use off-highway dump trucks to a simple daycab for local pickup and delivery, this Kenworth T800 model truck is known to perform well its tasks. This versatility, along with the Kenworth’s reliability and high resale value, gives the Kenworth truck owners a good level of satisfaction.

Kenworth T800 dump trucks also has great maneuverability provided by its set-back front axle. Kenworth advertise the T800 Kenworth as perfect trucks for pick up and delivery and regional haul applications together with this model’s rugged durability of severe Service options and ability to be custom designed to meet the specific needs of dump trucks, mixers, crane trucks, and heavy haulers. Kenworth Dump Trucks also come in a wide range of weight saving options and the T800 Kenworth dump hauler is a good dump truck for bulk haul and dump haul with maximum payload.

Looking at the comport of the passengers the Kenworth model T800 is designed and built with human comfort in mind. The truck cap is a quiet cab, control are where you need them and the interior has high quality appointments. The T800 Kenworth dump trucks also have 59” front spring, proprietary 8-bag air suspension and cab/sleeper suspension combine to provide an exceptionally smooth ride.

Truck maintenance is a key point of contention for dump truck owners. Some Kenworth truck owners and users claim Kenworth has the lowest maintenance cost of any truck on the market and easier to maintain than other kinds of trucks.

Now lets look at the feature and options of Kenworth Dump Trucks specifically the Kenworth T800 dump truck options and features. The kenworth T800 model truck has the following features in it.

* Three radiator sizes to match cooling performance to your needs: 1180, 1440, and 1780 sq. in.
* Engine sizes from 9-liter to 15-liter
* Accommodates up to 600 horsepower engines
* Available in 115.5”, 122.5”, 125” and 133.4” BBC dimensions
* Front axles from 12,000 to 22,000 lb ratings
* Rear axles from 21,000-lb single to 105,000-lb tridems
* Set-back front axle provides optimum wheel cut and weight distribution
* 59-inch taperleaf springs for a smooth ride
* Wheel base adjustable in 1 inch increments
* Six frame rail sizes to match strength and weight requirements
* Sloped hood for better visibility
* Aerodynamic design for excellent fuel economy
* Optional front frame extension for vocational applications

Sleeper Options
* Kenworth offers multiple sleeper options to match driver or fleet requirements: Studio AeroCab Sleeper (86-inch)
* AeroCab AERODYNE (62-inch or 72-inch)
* AeroCab FlatTop (38-inch, 62-inch, or 72-inch)
* Modular FlatTop (42-inch)

Looking at these aspects of Kenworth trucks coupled with its versatility, reliability and high resale value we can see why it is a strong competition for Mack dump trucks.

Compilation Source: Kenworth Website

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Mack Granite Dump Trucks Special Features

As a dump truck the Mack Granite dump trucks can offer you significant benefits. This dump truck is one of the best productive high performance, heavy duty, durable, versatile and comfortable dump trucks in world. They are designed from materials that are pretty enduring and long lasting. This is proved by the popularity of Granite trucks in everyday use ranging from construction work activity in cities to severe applications in forest, mines and other rugges terrains and environments throughout the United States of America, Canada, Australia and dozens of other countries where Mack dump trucks are there for sale.

Mack has certainly embodies the state of the art technologies in dump trucks into the Mack Granite trucks. Lets have a lot at some of the strong points of the Mack Granite dump truck specifications and features.

Mack MP Engine: Like the Mack Granite Rear loader, Granite tandem mixer and Mack Granite Rolloff trucks, the new Mack Granite dump trucks has a Mack MP engine with ultra high pressure fuel injections that are electronically controlled and incorporated with latest technology in turbo and actuator. The filer used here is a Mack Cap Diesel Particulate Filter. It ensures that the air let out is cleared of all pollutants. This combination powers your Granite dump giving you a horsepower ranging from 300HP to 600HP and a torque rating from 1200lb all the way to 2060lb. It comes with the Mack Anti Sway Camelback suspension which offers considerable strength and endurance. It’s designed with fewer parts than other truck engines like one-piece steel pistons and stronger bearings and cylinder heads. In short it the Granite MP engine is state-of-the-art and built to last.

Truck’s Aerodynamics, Design And Features: Visibility, Comfort and Ease of driving is not something you find in every medium duty or heavy duty truck like a dump truck. The Granite dump is designed with aerodynamics in such a way that it enhances visibility while driving and give the driver a better handle of the vehicle while on the road. The display on the inside is easy to read with cool blue lighting and the Lexan highlights outside are resistant to impact enabling you to use this Mack truck without fear rocky and rough sites. The steering column is adjustable and the driver seat in the truck cab is equip with air suspension for cushioning jerks and comforts. These things make the dump truck driver use the dump truck with less stress and effort and at the end of the day, go home less tired than driving other dump truck models without these features.

All in all with these features the Mack Granite dump truck is a very best heavy duty truck and can be used in many different ways with it’s solid construction and special features.

What other features and options in Mack Granite do you like? Will these features influence you to buy a Mack Granite dump truck?

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